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     The menu above will allow you quick access to the specific information you are looking for. A general rule of thumb here is if you mouse over it and your cursor changes to a hand, it is a link. In addition to this navigation tool, there is a site map page that can also aid you in navigation of this site.

Note to ZoneAlarm and Pop-Up Blocker Users:
     If you use ZoneAlarm Firewall protection or pop-up blocking software, you may experience errors trying to access this site. Because of the information intensive nature of this site, some items may be displayed as a pop-up. If you have ZoneAlarm's Privacy Manager, or your pop-up blocking software turned on these small pop-up pages could be blocked. In order to fully access this site you will need to disable your pop-up blocker. ZoneAlarm users need to disable 'Cookie Control' and 'Ad Blocking'. Simply turn these feature's settings to OFF.

  If you need further help accessing this site please do not hesitate to contact the webmaster for personal assistance.


     Our documents are available to download here in a .pdf format.  In order to view .pdf files, you will need a current version of Adobe Acrobat reader.  This software is free and can be obtained by following the link. If you choose to follow the link to Get Acrobat Reader, a new browser window will open up for your session.  Simply follow the instructions to download and install the software.  When completed, close that browser window to return here. This window will remain open awaiting your return.

     Adobe Acrobat Reader is currently at revision 11. If you have an older version and are experiencing problems accessing .pdf files on this site, please upgrade your current version and try again.

If you need further help accessing this site please do not hesitate to contact the webmaster for personal assistance.


     This site is best viewed, meaning it looks and works it's best on a computer with a minimum 800 x 600 screen resolution with at least 16 bit color using Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher. If you are viewing this site on Netscape Navigator, FireFox, WebTV, or an older version browser, we suggest switching to Internet Explorer, it looks so much better.

      This site uses Java Applets & JavaScript, a standard way of adding functionality. Browsers ship with it enabled. You shouldn't have to make any adjustments, but if you are advanced user with it turned off you are effectively disabling the menu, and news ticker.

What does all of this mean?

Let's Start With The Screen Resolution:
     If the website appears too large for your screen horizontally, then your resolution is probably set for 640 x 480 screen resolution and should be changed. It is quite easy and once you are used to it you will love it. Things will appear smaller but you can fit much more on your screen. Most sites are now designing for this resolution.
     To change your resolution just right-click anywhere on your desktop, then click on Properties, then click on Settings. At the Desktop Area, slide the adjusting bar over to 800 x 600, then click on Apply and OK. Simple.

What About The Color Setting?
      This determines the quality of the graphics. If the graphics on this site look very poor, chances are your computer is set to 256 colors and should be changed unless you have an older computer and just don't have the power to do so. Changing is simple. Once again, right-click anywhere on the desktop, click on Properties, then Settings and go to Color Palette, and adjust to at least 16 bit. Remember the higher the number the better the quality of the graphics but it uses more of your computers resources. Click on Apply and OK. You might have to restart your computer for the changes to take affect.

Now Let's Talk About Browsers
     Some people use Mozilla Firefox and love it, others Internet Explorer, other have defected from the norm and choose to use Chrome or Thunderbird. Some people don't know what they use, maybe they are on America Online. There is a new smaller browser called Opera and there is WebTV and a few others. Once again, this site is optimized for Internet Explorer. All browsers interpret html code differently. This browser seems to do the best. If you aren't viewing this site on a later version of Internet Explorer, you should. It looks so much better...and best of all, it's free. You can download it from Microsoft's website. Remember you should be using at least version 4.0. Older versions don't support advanced features.

How do I identify which broswer I am using?
    Start your web browser, the same one you used to visited the site. Click the "Help" menu at the top of your screen and then in the list that drops down click on "About" It may say "About Internet Explorer" or "About Netscape". Choose that option and the web browser's name and version will be displayed. Keep a note of it.

What About All This JavaScript Stuff?
     JavaScript is a small computer programming language used in the creation of dynamic web pages. It is basically like running a small program in the webpage. Our menu system is 'dynamic' meaning it can change on the fly, and uses JavaScript files to tell it what to do. Average users always have this enabled. Advanced users occasionaly disable it to make their surfing experience faster. Having this feature disabled in your browser will significantly impair your visit to this site, but you can still limp around using the site map.

     If you are having an unpleasant viewing experience of our website it is probably related to either the resolution, color, browser type/version. If you are still having or noticing any problems with this site after making any necessary corrections, please let us know.


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